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U10s Co-Ordinator : TBA


Registration Fees: $340 Full Season 2022/23

Give it a go: $40 (3 week introductory program) - includes a free glove 


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Uniform: Shirt $45 and Hat $25

Uniforms - can be purchased/ordered at Sign On days or through the link.

Rookie Ball serves as a developmental bridge from Tee ball where players hit the ball from a stationary tee to Little League Baseball where an opposition player pitches the ball to the batter with the intent to get the batter out.


In Rookie Ball the batter’s own coach pitches to them making it easier for players to gain the confidence and develop the skills to progress to Little League Baseball. As with Tee Ball, rules may vary slightly from region to region to optimize participation and teaching/learning opportunities.


Towards the end of the season some competitions may allow second year players to pitch to their teammates. This is to help prepare them for the transition to playing Little League Baseball.

  • Played on a field size of - Pitching 46 ft; Base Paths 60 ft

  • Ball used – Safety ball/Reduced Injury Ball/Compression ball

  • Younger children who have played Tee Ball are able to play Rookie ball if preferred.

Baseball uses a Age Matrix to determine which age group applies. Players who have a baseball age of  7, 8, or 9 will play Little League Minors (the matrix makes this easy to determine).

Training - 

First training session will be early October 2020.  Teams will practising with their teams, under the direction of their coaches. This will provide an opportunity to continue their team bonding and development of skills.

On training nights children will be required to wear appropriate clothing, bring water, gloves and wear their protection.

Saturday morning - interclub games with teams from other Brisbane Metro Region Clubs. Games are played at four clubs (Pine Hills, Windsor Royals, Hendra All Stars & Carina Redsox), based on a Metro Region draw. Competition starts on October 2021 and will finish in March 2022 (final date to be advised). Children are required to wear full baseball uniform.





At a club level - “Facebook” is Pine Hills Baseball Club’s primary resource for information sharing.  We will advertise events (social and fundraising), sponsors, wet weather information, and other important information about the club, Brisbane Metro Region and Baseball Queensland.


Emails” are the secondary resource when more in-depth information is to be shared e.g. how to register and changes to competition structure

At a team level - Download “Team App Coaches and team managers will share notices of team training, team events, washouts and photo schedule.


We hold one compulsory club fundraiser  -  Other optional fundraisers may be held during the season (e.g. raffles, pie drives, trivia nights, etc)


Where does the money go?

Sign on fees only cover approximately 2/3 of the costs of running the club. i.e. grounds & facilities costs (water, maintenance, mower, repairs etc), insurance and affiliation fees from BQ (Baseball Qld), ABF, & Metro Region, equipment & balls, lights & electricity, trophies, team photos, training clinics for coaches, scorers and umpires, paying specialists to come in and run clinics and administration overheads. Our compulsory club fundraiser helps contribute towards capital works to benefit all our players.



Sign-on Fees are ALL inclusive.  Uniform costs are separate.

Families who anticipate difficulty paying all fees at Sign-on must organise a payment plan which is available here (club fees only). 


​Players are not able to take the field either practice or playing until they become a financial member of the club.

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