Six Week Strength & Conditioning
with Danny Yonemura & Jacob Nilsson


Pine Hills is excited to announce a new 6 week strength & conditioning program run by Danny Yonemura and Jacob Nilsson, two of our Division 1 players with experience and training in strength training.  



Weekly sessions starting on the 26th of October 2022, and ending on the 30th of November.

6 sessions in total

5.00pm -6.00 in the batting cages



Junior & Senior League




From Danny:

"It isn't just strength and conditioning, but agility, power, mobility, coordination, and many more physical components that build up the five tool player in baseball. This 6 session course aim to introduce the physical training to improve as a baseball player, and the best part is that it does not require talent."


"The group training will consist of exercises like agility ladder, plyo jumps, running coordination, medicine ball tosses, shoulder resistance, core strength and many others."


My resume:

- Graduate in Physical Education

- Experience with Personal and Group training

- Experience with training for performance (e.g. baseball, track & field, crossfit)

- Participation in MLB programs - elite camp and coach development.

- International Baseball Experience

- Division 1 player

- Regional coach